10 Sardinian Top Dishes

10 Sardinian Top Dishes

A guide to the best culinary specialties of Sardinia, ready to be enjoyed during your holidays in Sardinia.

If you are about to go on vacation to Sardinia, the food will be one of the highlights of your stay. Already Italian cuisine is well-known all around the world for its new fine and genuine ingredients. In addition, the particularity of Sardinian recipes, closely linked to folk heritage, will immerse you in the most profound Sardinian culture.

A natural food journey during your holidays in Sardinia; you will be impressed!

So here is our list of the top 10 dishes to try.



This dish is pasta ravioli filled with a mix of potato, “pecorino Sardo,” lard, fried onions, and mint leaves. Each region has its own recipe and tradition, so that you will find different versions along the island.

It is usually served with tomato sauce or simple butter and sage.


Zuppa Gallurese

Gallura is the origin of this delicious dish. You think it’s a soup, but not at all. The consistency is like the one of lasagna with layers of bread, cheese, and sheep broth baked in the oven.

You have to give it a taste!



Another original Sardinian homemade pasta served with various sauces. Saffron is the key ingredient of the pasta dough, which is then modeled in small shell-shaped pieces.

Usually, this dish is served with tomato sauce and bits of sausage.



Su Porcheddu

Ok, not so great for vegetarians, but Su Porcheddu, which means suckling pig, is a real treat. It’s a genuine country tradition, usually simmered on a spit for a long time.

The result is a delicious, crispy piece of meat flavored with myrtle and rosemary.


Pecorino Sardo

The Pecorino Sardo is well-known all around, and as a real pecorino, is made from sheep’s milk. The flavour is quite intense, so we recommend tasting it with a glass of red wine or grating it on top of a plate of pasta!


Pane Carasau

The name of this ultra-thin crunchy bread comes from the Sardinian word “carasare” which means toast. It’s an ancient bread linked to the old shepherding traditions; some say it goes back even to the Bronze Age! Just a few ingredients: flour, wheat, water, yeast, and salt.

It has the shape of a disk and is baked twice, which gives this bread crispiness.

Generally, Pane Carasau accompanies every dish, but the best is with appetizers.


Ricci di mare (sea-urchins)

Definitely has a unique taste that is not for everyone, given its Sardinian strong “sea flavour”. Eating urchins with lemon, a spoon, or a piece of bread is best for seafood lovers. Otherwise, the famous “pasta con i Ricci”!

They are so popular in Sardinia that dedicated urchin festivals take place across the island, with the most famous in Alghero.



And as a dessert, Seadas are a must!

This curious plate, however, was not a dessert in former times but a single dish of humble origins. With the shape of a dumpling, this rustic dessert is filled with fresh pecorino cheese, then fried and served with honey and sugar on top.



No meal can finish without a shot of Limoncello. The high alcohol content of this lemon-based drink makes sure it never freezes, that’s why its kept in the freezer. promising a massively refreshing ending to even the richest of meals.

Discover the island by making this incredible food journey and find your personalized Tour with us!

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