Are you an online agency?

Yes. From the comfort of your home, work, or mobile phone, you can receive detailed, easy-to-consult, and transparent information about the vacation package we have prepared. We are constantly evolving to offer an ever more efficient service in terms of speed of response, clarity, and travel proposal.

Where are you based?

The Mediterranean Traveller is based in Palermo. Livia Lombardi, a travel designer, manages the website and, in collaboration with Tururi Tours and Trinakria Tours – two leading tour operators in authentic and tailor-made trips – offers her advice on most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean.
Livia lives in Palermo, while Tururi Tours is based in Amsterdam because of its historical experience with tourism to Italy from Holland, and Trinakria Tours is in Barcelona with an equivalent approach but for the Spanish market.

What guarantees do I have that you are a reliable Agency?

By booking your personalized tour through TheMediterraneanTraveller.org, you benefit from all the protections provided by the European Tourism Code in this respect. You will find below the legal information concerning the two tour operators:


Trinakria Tours S.L.
Plaça de Sant’agustí vell 13, 08003 Barcelona, ​​Spain
CIF: ES B64429947
Registered in the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, ​​volume 39243, Folio 0106, sheet / Dup 342825
The Travel Agency License issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya is GC-1 441

Official information sheet of Trinakria Tours on the website of the Generalitat de Catalunya
Guarantee fund: AXA Seguros Generales – policy no. 72973211


Tours tururi V.o.F.
J. Van Lennepkade, 511 – 3166 Amsterdam – Netherlands
BTW: NL 8147.40.339.B01
Company registered in the official Dutch guarantee register of “Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR),” with number: 3373
Tururi Tours’ official sheet on the SGR website
Guarantee fund: SGR – registration number 3373

What do your traveling packs include?

We are specialists in developing “100% personalized Autotour”, a Tour designed according to your wishes and our experience. After receiving your confirmation regarding the stay (length of stay, accommodation, car rental, and visits if applicable), we reserve the lodging (based on bed & breakfast formula) and the car rental.


It won’t be a trip with a tour leader who plans every minute of your day; you will be the one who decides and chooses, at your own pace and with complete independence, what and when to visit.
To travel and truly discover the Mediterranean, it is important to stay in pleasant places, personally selected by us, – and to go at your own pace. Isn’t this the real holiday? Of course, you will also receive tips and advice for places to visit, see, and where to eat off the beaten track.


Taxes and administration fees are also always included in our packages. The rates are, therefore, 100% transparent.

How to book a Tour, and what are the payment methods?

Once we receive the booking form, we will prebook with our partners (accommodation, car rental, and activities). If the accommodations are all available, we will confirm them and send you the invoice with payment details. We require a deposit of 30% for the reservation; 70% is to be paid 45 days before departure.


We request the total amount if departure is within six weeks from the billing date. However, if one accommodation is unavailable, we will propose an alternative hotel, which will be confirmed after your explicit approval.
We will then send you all the necessary documents for your trip that you will have to bring along.

What is a tailor-made trip?

A trip designed exclusively for you and the people accompanying you without joining an already-formed group.


You personalize your accommodation, itinerary, activities, and more. You thus benefit from great freedom in your trip’s content and on-site activities. Let us know what you like, what you do not, and how you imagine this trip: more adventure, romance, relaxation, luxury, etc. We will create a stay that meets all your needs and desires.

Should I subscribe travel insurance?

Yes, we recommended it (but not essential). It can be useful for cancellation or repatriation. Feel free to ask your bank for more information on the insurance related to your credit card contract.

What are the advantages of organizing my trip through Le Voyageur Méditerranéen?

You benefit from our expertise, specialists who know each destination thoroughly because we are “locals.” We do “scouting” every year to discover new accommodations and test and maintain our relationships with our on-site partners.


You don’t have to worry about contacting different accommodations, making multiple bank transfers, or researching various activities or places to visit. We are a single point of contact; we manage everything and provide you with advice throughout the creation of your trip, thus also saving you a lot of time.


If you want to think outside the box and create a bespoke trip you won’t find anywhere else, you can trust us to share our knowledge with you.

Why choose Le Voyageur Méditerranéen rather than another agency?

Since 2006, our mission has always been to provide unforgettable experiences to our travelers.


Like artisans, we design your trip, try to understand your likes and dislikes, and think about the best logistics from the start. As if we were traveling ourselves!
We bring Sicily, Sardinia, and Puglia to life in an authentic and original way, carefully and personally selecting accommodation facilities where the quality of the welcome and human warmth are key.
Our guests thank us for helping them discover places and people otherwise unknown. We are proud to create memorable tours and to share with our guests the feeling of having experienced the “real side” rather than a superficial version “for tourists”.


Last but not least, we are always at your disposal in case of issues during the trip.