I Fichi d’India

I Fichi d’India

Some people who traveled with us told me they had never seen and tasted the “Fico d’India,” the fruit of a tropical plant you find in Sicily, so I thought it a good idea to talk about it and show you a few pictures.
The so-called “Prickly Pear,” also known as “Opuntia” or “cactus pear,” is a plant native to Central America but introduced to many parts of the world.


What makes the prickly pear genuinely unique is its fruit. It has an egg-shaped look with a distinctive appearance with its bright reddish-pink or orange skin and tiny spines covering its surface. The spines can be pretty sharp, handling them requires care, so don’t bother and try them already peeled.


This fruit is known for its unique flavor, combining sweetness with a hint of acidity, often also described as a cross between watermelon and pear with a touch of kiwi. The flesh is incredibly juicy and refreshing, a treat, especially on hot summer days.
You must be cautious of the edible seeds as they can be hard to bite. The first time I tasted them, I thought they were the most strange thing ever, then I gave them another chance and, yes, they are a fun and different bite experience!


They are a culinary delight and a symbol of Sicily and its culture. Their colorful and succulent presence in the streets and markets of the island is a characteristic image of Sicilian summer.


Come to Sicily for your holiday and try this tropical delicacy! I will show you all the excellent and authentic places to find them.


I personally love them…as you can see! 😁